Success Story of McDonald’s

Success Story of McDonald's

Success Story of McDonald’s: McDonald’s is a Real Estate business. It is astonishing to hear because there will be no one who hasn’t tried McDonald’s Happy Meal even once in his life. You may know McDonald’s as a fast-food company, but the truth is much deeper than this. Today we will talk about McDonald’s, the world’s second-largest restaurant.

If you look at the name McDonald’s, Mac means son and Donald means the ruler of the world. So we would like to know about those who rule the world, their names are Richard James and Maurice James McDonald. These two brothers are from New Hampshire.

In 1920 he went to California where he started a movie theater and a hot dog shop. He first achieved his greatest success in 1940 when he started the Barbecue joint in San Bernardino. McDonald’s then became known for its different test and cooking materials. He also kept Roller Skating waitress in his restaurants but he was not happy with his work. People had to wait for half an hour for their orders and sometimes it happened that people got wrong orders.

The story of McDonald’s Barbecue is also the same, but as McDonald’s Barbecue made a profit, both brothers felt they could do something better. They realized that the bulk of their income was coming from Hamburgers, French Fries, and Coke. Giving, he changed his menu to different varieties of these products. Due to the same type of product, they now served the order in 30 seconds, they started using disposable paper instead of cutlery and plates. His restaurant became very popular in a short time. In other countries too, it started getting a lot of attention.

Ray Kroc was one of the people drawn to McDonald’s. Ray Kroc was a born businessman. He lied at the age of 15 that he used to work for Red Cross Ambulance. Interestingly, at the time of the First World War, he worked in France for World Disney as well, but after World War, there was no contact between them. After World War Ray worked in a lot of fields.

In the early 1950s, he was roaming in different countries to sell milkshake machines, but he could not do this very well. On 1 day 1954, he received an order for eight machines and was given by none but McDonald’s brothers. When Ray arrived in San Bernardino, he liked the McDonald’s brothers’ restaurant very much and proposed to open the franchise immediately. By then, 20 of McDonnell’s franchises had opened, but none of them were doing as well as the original restaurant, because of which McDonnells The quality became difficult to maintain. The two brothers gave Ray a chance and Ray chose only those franchises that were better than the brothers.

In 6 years, Ray opened more than 100 McDonald’s restaurants while the two brothers were just handling their single joint. Ray was very upset because both brothers took 0.5% of the profits themselves while they did something. Were not and if Ray had given any decoration, then he would not have taken it, in view of all this, Ray made a very good strategy against both the brothers.

He thought that now whatever restaurants will be opened in the coming time, they will buy their land and then lease the restaurant from their franchise, in this way Ray could keep all the profits with him. It is also true that the two brothers did not like this thing but they could not do anything and in 1961 they finally agreed to sell their franchise Ray for 2.7 million dollars and drove the two brothers out of the way. Ray started changing his own way and wanted to change the McDonald’s logo as well, he also expanded the menu and in the same year, Ray also opened the thousandth store of McDonald’s.

In 1972, he added Egg McMuffin, Chicken McNuggets, and Happy Meal to his menu, a move that could also become the world’s largest distributor of toys.

By 1998, McDonald’s had 10,000 restaurants, although Ray was not in the world by then, but his company did not stop growing. McDonnell also had some very good friend managers and because of this he was one step ahead of Burger King and Wendy, since then McDonald’s continued to expand in itself.

In 2006, MacDonald appeared to the world in his redesign in which he started keeping comfortable sofa dining zones and armchairs in restaurants, the first time since 1970. Surprisingly, McDonald’s is not the world’s largest chain of restaurants today but it is near the title Subway which has around 45000 outlets and McDonald’s has around 37000 outlets.

15 percent of its business is with McDonnells and the rest with franchisees that are run by the restaurant company, two-thirds of their revenue goes to the company, but this is not the whole story. In fact, they just rent a company to run and collect back There is a lot of difference in doing. Taking an exam In 2014, the company traded 18.2 billion dollars, but McDonald’s received only $ 2.9 billion, in its comparison, the company holds 7.6 billion dollars from the franchisees that McDonald’s is getting from the franchise. Looks like McDonald’s seems to be a company doing burger business but in reality, he is engaged in the game of Monopoly.

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