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Steve Paul Biography

Steve Jobs Biography: When I was 17 years old I read in a book that if you live every day as if it is the last day of your life then you will be proved right some day.

Steve Jobs Biography

Or the thought engulfed my mind and since then I have asked myself in the mirror every morning that if this was the last day of my life, would I have done what I am about to do today and even when there is no answer for several days in a row? I would have then understood that something needs to be changed, something new needs to be done.

There is a lot of depth in this speech of Steve Jobs, if you understand this thing carefully, then it will fill different energy in you, and even more energetic is the story of his life.

This was a person who neither loved his money nor money was his identity, but thinking out of the box and defining technology in a new way were the characteristics of his personality but his life was never easy for Steve Jobs himself.

His early life was full of confusion and turmoil, so without wasting time let’s know about his life from the beginning.

Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in San Francisco, California. His real name was Steven Paul Jobs, which he got from his adoptive parents Clara Jobs and Paul Jobs.

In fact, the financial condition of his real parents was very bad and they did not want that their child to also had to live a deprivation life. So he decided to hand over Steve to a couple who could give him a good education by taking a good upbringing.

His father Paul Jobs lived at an electrical workshop so Steve spent most of his time with his father to help him. It was this environment that taught him to make new things by adding things in the right form and then gradually electronics became his hobby.

After 4 years of elementary school, for some reason, his father had to shift to another city in Los Altos, California, and here he was enrolled at Homestead High School where he met Steve Wozniak, who later became a partner in the Apple company. Become.

Wozniak’s mind was also very sharp and he also loved electronics very much and perhaps that is why the two became friends very soon.

After completing his schooling, Steve Jobs took admission to Reed College to continue his further studies, but the fees of this college were so expensive that it was not possible for his parents to pay him and Steve Jobs had to He did not like to waste his parent’s money because he was not much interested in that studies so he left college after 6 months after which as an official student he started taking classes in only his favorite subject calligraphy.

This was a time when Steve had absolutely no money and could not even pay the rent of his hostel. By which he slept on the floor in his friend’s room and walked 7 miles to the temple every Sunday to have food so that he could have a full meal once a week.

After that in the year 1972, Jobs got his first job in ATARI, a video games maker. There he worked for a few years but as it happens there is a spiritual side to the life of every human being and everyone has a different way to achieve it. India was Steve’s place of spiritual fulfillment and for which Steve started saving money.

In 1974, he came to India with his friend Daniel Kottke, who later became an employee of the Apple company. He stayed in India for 7 months and studied and understood Buddhism, after which he went back to America and again started working in ATARI company and it was here that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had become very good friends.

The two decided to work together and while both were interested in electronics, making computers was the right decision for them and together they turned their passion from their father’s small garage into reality.

At that time Steve was only 21 years old and to pursue this work, he received support from the retired engineer Mike Markkula of Intel Company and after a lot of hard work, he presented his first computer in San Francisco’s Homebrew Computer Club. Which people liked very much.

After which the company’s IPO was launched for the first time in the market on December 12, 1980, due to which Apple became a public company and Apple’s IPO made more than 300 people overnight millionaires more than any company in the world, after that when Apple Lisa Desktop market When it was launched, people did not like him much and the company went into loss and unfortunately Steve was held responsible for it.

On September 17, 1985, the company’s board of directors fired Steve from the company, after which he was broken, failure was eating him but he did not lose courage and opened his company named NEXT Inc and from this company, he earned so much money that In 1986, he bought a graphics company for $ 10 million, which he named PIXAR, in which he achieved good success and without Steve Jobs, the Apple company was running in losses, then Apple bought the NEXT company for $ 470 million and Steve Jobs Became the CEO of Apple.

After which he came out with unique products of Apple such as iTunes, iPods and in 2007 Apple’s first mobile phone came out which revolutionized the mobile phone market which is still popular today. Steve Jobs Biography By

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