Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans in india 2021 | BASIC, PLUS, CHOICE PLUS & PRO

Bluehost Wordpress Hosting Plans in india 2021

Are you on a hunt for the fine Bluehost plan? You’re in the proper place. One of the irritating matters for maximum bloggers is selecting a web hosting for his or her sites.

Few bloggers both get free web hosting that irritates their visitors (due to slow loading times) or chooses unreliable web hosting service that breaks down often.

See, you won’t spend it slowly often on shifting your web hosting. Once you get a web hosting plan, it runs for years to come. That’s why it’s very critical to get a web hosting plan that fits your running a blog needs for years to come.

When it comes to selecting the right web hosting, we primarily recommend Bluehost for beginners. The motive is, it’s the maximum reliable web hosting available obtainable that still comes at a low-cost rate range.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is an internet website hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 biggest web hosts, together with web hosting properly over 2 million domains. The company operates its servers in-residence in a 50,000 rectangular feet (4,600 m2) facility in Orem, Utah. Bluehost utilizes more than 750 individuals in its Utah facility.

Bluehost became among those studied withinside the analysis of web-based website hosting services in collaborative online learning programs.

Bluehost gives various web hosting solutions which include shared web hosting, WordPress web hosting, VPS web hosting, dedicated web hosting, and WooCommerce web hosting in addition to professional marketing services. Their servers are powered through PHP 7, HTTP/2, and NGINX+ caching.

Which is the best Bluehost plan in 2021?

As a beginner, it’s far usually difficult to determine at the cheap web hosting providers and maximum people emerge as with free web hosting plans. But there are numerous drawbacks of web hosting your blog on an unfastened web hosting plan.

That’s why it’s far better, to begin with, a cheap website hosting plan like Bluehost shared web hosting plan in which you could purchase a plan for 36 months simply paying ₹175.00/month only.

But, which Bluehost web hosting plan is fine for your blog/site? Bluehost Basic vs Plus vs Choice Plus – which one to pick out?

In this article, we are able to be clearing your doubts by evaluating all four Bluehost plans and assist you to pick out the fine Bluehost web hosting plan to kick-start running a blog in 2021.

Although Bluehost doesn’t provide any month-to-month billing plan, it’s far certainly reasonably priced in case you compare it with different web hosting plans. Anyway, let’s examine Bluehost plans and try and discover which Bluehost web hosting plan is best for you.

Which is the Best Bluehost Plan in 2021?

Before beginning with this guide, let me clean that Bluehost shared web hosting plan has essentially four kinds of packages and they are

  • Bluehost Basic Plan
  • Bluehost Plus Hosting Plan
  • Bluehost Choice Plus plan
  • Bluehost Pro Plan

But, how those four plans are unique form each other? Which Bluehost web hosting plan must you go for? Let’s discover the great Bluehost shared web hosting plan for beginners.

Bluehost hosting plans in india

Why Should You Choose Bluehost?

With a few very beneficial web hosting features many bloggers around the arena choose Bluehost web hosting plans. Let’s test those features in detail.


With extra than 2 million domains, Bluehost is the most famous web hosting company in the latest times. Founded in 1996, the company has constructed a large belief base amongst bloggers and webmasters.

99.9% Uptime

Another important component of a website is its Uptime which needs to be at the top of your listing even as deciding on a web hosting company. Because having a website this is down all of the time can be irritating for you and your customers.

It is stated that a wonderful website starts with superb web hosting. And Bluehost gives a 99.9% uptime assurance with a verified track record.

Have a study of the above picture which indicates the Bluehost uptime for the final 30 days taken from the high-quality actual uptime tracker HRank. It is 99.978% that is simply unbelievable.

The no different company offers 100% uptime because of a few unintended servers down. With Bluehost, you may be playing 99.9% uptime this is commendable.

Why is Bluehost so cheap?

While starting a brand new blog people constantly search for the reliable but cheapest web hosting plan. Bluehost web hosting plans are cost-effective and begin at a totally simple charge of ₹175.00/month. This is a massive motive why that is the right choice for beginners.

You can test out the photo beneath wherein the Bluehost pricing evaluation table will inform the complete story.


For any type of service, support is crucial. Bluehost has totally sparked off a group of technical support professionals who will make certain to clear up your problems at the earliest.

Now, that’s the quality Bluehost web hosting plan? Let us compare Bluehost shared web hosting plans and spot which Bluehost’s web hosting plan is best for you.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans Comparison: Basic vs Plus vs Choice Plus

Basically, for any type of web hosting plan, the main variations are from usage & the number of websites that may be hosted. Here is likewise the tale is similar. Let’s overview every Bluehost shared web hosting plan one at a time and discover which Bluehost web hosting plan is excellent for you.

Bluehost Basic Plan Review 2021

This is the basic Bluehost plan and having the lowest functions of Bluehost shared web hosting. If you need to buy the cheapest Bluehost plan then Basic is the excellent Bluehost web hosting plan to be able to perfectly match your need. But you may only host 1 website which is ideal for a newbie having a clean recognition on 1 website most effective.

Here are the important thing highlights of the Bluehost Basic shared web hosting plan.

  • Email Accounts 50
  • Storage (GB) 50
  • Network bandwidth Unmetered
  • 1 Included Domain
  • Free Domain for 1 Year
  • 25 Sub Domains
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • MySQL Databases 20
  • Database Tables 1,000

This is the great Bluehost plan for bloggers satisfied with 1 website and has limited traffic. Basically, you may easily begin with this plan and examine regularly and afterward migrate to a better Bluehost plan like PLUS or CHOICE PLUS as according to the requirement.

The value of the Bluehost shared web hosting plan for the use of our unique discount link might be as follows.

  • 36 Months @ ₹175.00 399.00
  • 24 Months @ ₹259.00 449.00
  • 12 Months @ ₹299.00 499.00

So, get Bluehost at ₹175.00 per month and start your first blog on Bluehost Basic package.

Bluehost Plus Plan Review 2021

Bluehost PLUS plan is my favored one and I even have bought this plan 2 years back. PLUS is the fine Bluehost web hosting plan having nearly every single character that you’ll be wanting as a blogger. Especially I bought this plan to host a couple of websites and test with various blogging niches.

If you could come up with the money for and severe approximately running a blog, then I will constantly recommend you to begin with the Bluehost PLUS web hosting plan, as compared to the Basic plan.

  • Email Accounts Unlimited
  • Storage (GB) Unlimited
  • File Count 50,000
  • Network bandwidth Unlimited
  • Domain Hosting: Unlimited
  • One Free Domain Registration Yes (for 1 year)
  • One Free Domain Privacy No
  • Free SSL Certificate No
  • MySQL Databases Unlimited
  • Free Dedicated IP No
  • SubDomains Unlimited
  • Database Tables 1,000

If you use this unique link, then you could experience the exclusive Bluehost cut price at the PLUS plan. The real price and the charge after the discount is surely referred to below.

  • 12 Months @ ₹459.00 699.00
  • 24 Months @ 359.00 649.00
  • 36 Months @ 299.00 599.00

PLUS is the solution to the question of which the Bluehost web hosting plan is right for you. Activate the Bluehost PLUS plan discount now and begin a blog in 2021.

Bluehost Choice Plus Plan Review 2021

Well, this plan is especially for superior bloggers with many advanced capabilities. But frankly speaking, Bluehost’s PLUS web hosting plan is sufficient for beginners as you could keep money on web hosting as nicely enjoy limitless sources and host unlimited websites.

Here are the important thing capabilities of the Bluehost CHOICE PLUS shared web hosting plan.

  • Email Accounts Unlimited
  • Storage (GB) Unlimited
  • File Count 300,000
  • Network bandwidth Unlimited
  • Domain Hosting: Unlimited
  • One Free Domain Registration Yes (for a lifetime)
  • SubDomains Unlimited
  • FREE Backups
  • FREE Domain Privacy and Spam Experts
  • One Free Domain Privacy Yes
  • Free Dedicated IP Yes
  • Free SSL Certificate Yes
  • MySQL Databases Unlimited
  • Database Tables 3,000

Here is the Bluehost pricing plan for the Choice Plus plan with a special discount applied.

  • 12 Months @ 459.00 899.00
  • 24 Months @ 359.00 849.00
  • 36 Months @ 299.00 799.00

FAQs on Bluehost Hosting Plans

Can I upgrade my Bluehost plan?

Yes, you may upgrade your web hosting plan at any time out of your Bluehost dashboard. You also can ask customer service to try this for you. However, when you upgrade the Bluehost plan, you’ll now no longer get the discounted pricing. So, it’s far always recommended to pick out the proper Bluehost web hosting plan from the beginning itself.

What Bluehost plan should I get?

Bluehost PLUS web hosting plan is the great Bluehost plan for beginners because it has all of the web hosting features had to begin a blog like a Free domain name + Free SSL certificate + Unlimited Websites on the most inexpensive fee as compared to different shared web hosting plans.

Is Bluehost Pro worth it?

Bluehost Pro plan is worth it for individuals who want extra resources as compared to the Basic shared web hosting plan and are geared up to pay a touch extra for that. With fewer customers sharing the shared web hosting server, your website will load quicker in the Pro package. It additionally comes with a free Dedicated IP which has its search engine optimization benefits. So, it is some distance higher to choose the Bluehost Pro plan than to improve to any entry-level VPS plan.

Which Bluehost Hosting Plan to Choose for Starting a Blog in 2021?

So, which Bluehost plan to select in 2021? Without any doubt, PLUS is the excellent Bluehost plan because it has all Bluehost shared web hosting capabilities majorly Unlimited Websites + Free domain name + Free SSL certificates on the cheapest fee in comparison to the CHOICE PLUS plan.

So, test out the Bluehost PLUS package (unique discount applied) now with 30 days money-back guarantee!

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